Survivor Of Traumatic Brain Injury - I need your HELP with raising awareness about traumatic brain injuries

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Now can you see why I\'m incredibly f---in pissed off? In an effort to advocate for myself and all those individuals who are supposed to be protected by the established legislation which is found within the Medicaid Waiver?

I have made Waiver Provider complaints with the State of Connecticut; Dept of Social Services, Allied Community Resources, CT Governors office, Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, regarding Employment Options LLC unethical and illegal treatment of me. And got no help whatsoever they did nothing about this so I am.

You might not agree with my view of fighting back. But you know what they say, what goes around comes around I\'m giving them what they gave to me when they slandered my name!

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Welcome to my thoughts…. I am allowed to do that here in the US, so why not take advantage of it. I should celebrate my independence every day of the year because I can. As a brain injury survivor, I know first hand how awful it is to have lost my independence... The State of Connecticut; Dept of Social Services DSS, Allied Community Resources did nothing about so I am.

About me. My name is Craig Sears; I am a survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury Due to my injury I have memory problems, speech problems, balance issues and many other things. I am disabled because of this and receive services from the state which enable me to remain in the community instead of in a nursing home, in prison or on the streets. I'm posting online some of my experiences as a survivor of a TBI. It is to show the way the United States is not dealing with brain injury and the human cost associated with this neglect trying to help myself and the children of tomorrow from ever having to experience this horror and heartache of TBI by using my case as an example to show how brain injury is being discriminated against, taking advantage of and ignored by the US States. And how easy it is for program providers to do the same thing to brain injury survivors like the State of Connecticut; Dept of Social Services and Employment Options LLC ABI Medicaid Waiver Program providers did to me.

Traumatic Brain Injury TBI is the # 1 leading causes of death and disability among children and young adults in this country. I am advocating making people more aware of the National Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plan PABI Plan which develops a seamless, standardized, evidence-based system of care that is universally accessible for the millions of PABI families wherever they live in America.

In the 90s I became a spokesman for the Brain Injury Association of Connecticut, advocating for Connecticut's Acquired Brain Injury Medicaid Waiver implemented in 1999. This waiver allows the state to permit organizations to provide non-medical services to people with TBI enabling them to live in the community outside of nursing homes and institutions.

Employment Options LLC 91 Willenbrock Road, Oxford, CT is? I know what they say they are but I'm still not entirely sure what it is they actually do for brain injury survivors since I experienced no help whatsoever except for a lot of BS! EO has contracts and/or services Bureau of Rehabilitation services, the acquired brain wavier, DDS, and a variety of school system. Staff superiors at Employment Options LLC Jamie Arber, Patty Happy, Case manager Richard Kiley told me, Craig Sears; that EO had someone to work with me that was ILST approved turns out they were not! And when that person moved on, EO told me that they had someone else that was ILST approved, turns out they were not! Then when asked by my doctor about it, again EO stated that they had someone else that was ILST approved turns out they were also not! Do you see the pattern here?

EO reported to the Dept. of Social Services that they were providing me services, but I did not receive the services EO had committed to provide me. For which they were compensated for providing me through a program known as the Dept. of Social Services ABI Medicaid Waiver. EO sent unqualified individuals to provide me independent living skills training for which they were not qualified because they lacked the appropriate certification. On top of that, staff working with me was instructed by Employment Options management to refrain from providing me any services pertaining to my state waiver case. See link below for the actual letter from EO staff.

I informed my Medicaid Waiver Doctor about the fact I was not receiving services outlined in my State waiver plan that Employment Options LLC reported providing me. When my doctor and the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities confronted EO about these facts, they then made unreasonable confrontational and defamation of character accusations regarding me working with female staff, and implied I had acted inappropriately. Reporting this as the reason why I was not receiving services; when I found this out at my Dept. of Social Services team meeting. I immediately asked my doctor to look into this B.S. Yes, my brain still works. It's just injured; it's not dead!

Out of respect of the doctor's wishes I am only posting his first name.

And I quote

Hi Craig

You are correct. Shannon denies every accusation made by Employment Options LLC. Wow!

Doctor Tariq, PhD., M.S., MBA

See letter below for more proven facts of the false accusations.

Traumatic brain injury TBI is a major health problem that disproportionately affects young people. It is the leading cause of death for children. TBI is often referred to as the silent epidemic because the complications, such as changes affecting thinking, language or emotions, may not be readily apparent

The silent epidemic slogan is particularly apt in Connecticut, where inadequate resources, awareness and identification of TBI lead to preventable injury and suffering to children and their families.

After going over the facts about Employment Options LLC is this the kind of service provider you want caring for our kids/friends/loved ones? Think about what it could do to a man or women with a disability, who has a child. They can be held liable for these false accusations, made by a Personal Care Aides/Medicaid Waiver Program provider if anything occurs. (I feel threatened by this). Is this really the way to assists people with disabilities that puts their trust into their State Medicaid Waiver Program providers?

Let your voices be heard loud and clear! Call The Department of Social Services asked them to investigate Employment Options LLC an allied community resource approved ABI Medicaid Waiver Program Provider for the acquired brain wavier. I can only imagine how they are slandering other brain injury survivors to get out of providing services and getting paid by the state for not providing services!

Below is the actual letter from my doctor stating the proven facts of the accusations that were made against me by Dr Tariq, PhD., M.S., MBA my ABI Waiver Provider Doctor.

NeuroStrategies, Inc.

RE: Shannon and Employment Options LLC

Attention: Craig Sears

I am writing to memorialize my conversation with Shannon on today. The purpose of my conversation with Shannon was to ascertain, as you requested, Shannon's position on her removal from your case by her superiors at Employment Options LLC 91Willenbrock Road Oxford CT 06478

I informed Shannon that both Jamie Arber and Patty Happy had conversations with me regarding her Shannon safety. Jamie Arber and Patty Happy indicated that she Shannon was uncomfortable working with you Craig. Jamie and Patty further related to me that Shannon had requested a change in placement, as she felt uncomfortable working with you. Jamie further stated that he would not place Shannon in a situation where she was uncomfortable and or vulnerable. Finally, he stated that Shannon had been hired for a different position and she was only a temporary solution until permanent staff could be hired.

Shannon vehemently denies that there was ever any behavioral and or sexually inappropriate behavior on your part in any way during her tenure with you. She did not hesitate or waiver when she stated that she never felt at-risk while working with you, she never requested a change in placement, there were no accusations leveled by her against you to her superiors, there were no incidents of inappropriate behavior on your part nor any attempt of an act of inappropriate behavior whether verbal or physical. Shannon stated that she enjoyed working with you and she values what you are attempting to achieve.

It is my hope that this addresses your concerns regarding Shannon's perspective on this matter. If I can be of further assistance regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Doctor, Tariq, PhD., M.S., MBA.

This is the letter from staff working with me who was instructed by Employment Options management to refrain from providing me any services pertaining to my state waiver case. Go to:

I think of my fellow brain injury survivor friends as part of my extended brain injury survivor family. Whether I have met them or not!

If some infectious disease came along that affected children in the proportion that injuries do, there would be a huge public outcry and we would be told to spare no expense to find a cure and be quick about it.

Today more awareness has occurred, but there is still much to learn, much like no two brain injuries are alike. The learning impact between different students will also not be alike.

For myself I wish on that July afternoon 21 years ago that there was a national PABI plan in place I wish that the states and doctors and nurses and all the cops judges and people whoever had the power over me had a clue about TBI. I wish that when I needed it there were people to turn to answers to the questions I didn't even know I had and the resources in place for me. I wonder how different my life would be today. For more information, go to:


Craig Sears

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